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Honeystick Beekeeper

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Intro To The HoneyStick BeeKeeper

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper is a 510-thread vaporizer that has changed the way we see oil cartridge consumption. In function, it’s very much like traditional pen-style 510 vaporizers, although its innovative design has eliminated many of the drawbacks users experienced. Solving issues faced by their users to create a remarkable new product with a functional and stylish design is a credit to the dedication of the team at HoneyStick. 

What the BeeKeeper boasts are unrivaled level portability and durability. As well as this, it’s incredibly easy to use making it perfect for novices and veterans alike. Unlike other vaporizers of this kind, it features just one voltage setting. While to some this may come as a disappointment, it creates a beautifully simple user experience.
As well as these brilliant design traits, it features an excellent battery with superior capacity to most 510-thread vapes out there. 

How To Use The HoneyStick BeeKeeper?

So before we get into some of those features in a bit more detail, let’s talk about how to use this portable powerhouse. It’s super easy to use and maintain, but we’ve noted down some of our tips and best practices for you to refer to. 

How To Operate The HoneyStick Bee Keeper

Just like with most electronic devices, the most important thing to do initially is charge the BeeKeeper. You’ll be able to do so using the micro-USB cable provided in the box. Once this is done, it’s all about getting your cartridge ready. You can use either prefilled cartridges, or any 510 cartridges you’ve filled up yourself. In order to connect it, place the provided magnet to the bottom of the cartridge and place it in the HoneyStick BeeKeeper. 

To turn on the unit, click the button on the body of the vaporizer 5 times. The LED light will shine blue to show that it has turned on. While inhaling you’ll need to keep your hand pressing the button. 

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper vaporizer features just one voltage setting. This makes it super easy for users to connect their cartridge and begin their session within seconds. The voltage setting is 3.9v, meaning regardless of the viscosity of your oil it’ll provide beautifully smooth vapor with reasonable cloud production too! 

How To Clean/Maintain It

Thanks to the nature of 510 cartridge vaporizers, cleaning and maintenance are simple. Much simpler than many other types of concentrate vaporizers, in fact. The main areas you’ll need to consider are the magnet and the MOD, where the cartridge connects into the unit. All you’ll need to do is use cleaning swabs dipped in some isopropyl alcohol to wipe away any residue. 


The HoneyStick BeeKeeper portable vaporizer oozes style with its robust and stylish design. Those who’re used to vaping 510 cartridges will have undoubtedly owned a pen-style vaporizer. A predominant drawback of these is that the often glass cartridge is exposed making them prone to breaking. The HoneyStick BeeKeeper contains the body of the cartridge, just exposing the mouthpiece to minimize unwanted breakages. 

The cartridge is held firmly in place by a magnet, ensuring the electrical connection is always intact and the device is operating at its full potential. 

Temperature Settings

While many portable vaporizers host a whole range of different temperature options, the BeeKeeper has just one. Its voltage setting is 3.9 volts, which works perfectly with all cartridges to produce smooth and flavorful vapor from your oil.
You may view this inflexibility in temperature and voltage as a limitation of the BeeKeeper vaporizer, and understandably so. What it provides though is a simplistic and easy way to consumer with no complications. This makes it perfect for any novice who just wants to consume their oil with no difficulties or obstacles.

Battery & Power

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper boasts a 650mAh battery. For a vaporizer so portable, and for its size, this is all you could wish for. The battery is able to fully charge in approximately 3 hours and will support all of your daily on-the-go sessions.
It’s not all about quick charging though. Considering its extremely convenient and portable design, it produces some powerful hits to get the most from your oil. It effortlessly produces potent vapor for you to enjoy time and time again, where the flavor is never compromised. 


We’ve already discussed the size of the BeeKeeper. Portability is much more than just size, though. What the BeeKeeper effortlessly combines with its super transportable size is a durable design that’ll help fight against breakages while producing beautiful vapor.

These factors combine together to create one of the best portable vaporizers for 510-thread oil cartridges we’ve seen to date.
If oil cartridges are your preference, and you’re looking for something to support your sessions on the road, look no further! 

Who Is The HoneyStick BeeKeeper For?

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper has established a reputation for itself as one of the best portable options on the market. Designed specifically for use with any size 510-thread cartridge, it’s super affordable and will make a perfect addition to any connoisseur’s collection. 

It stands at just 2.67-inches tall, meaning it will fit into any pocket with ease ready to go with you wherever you go. 

Who Is The HoneyStick BeeKeeper Not For?

Let’s face it, there are very few products on the market which are able to cater to absolutely everybody. While the HoneyStick BeeKeeper hosts an array of amazing features which may suit many, it won’t be for everyone.
It works solely with oil cartridges and only features a single voltage setting which isn’t allowing much flexibility. For the dry herb enthusiasts out there, you may be better suited to a dry herb vaporizer. Equally, there may be others who simply require their device to have multiple temperature settings to experience different types of vapor. If these apply to you, it may not be the best option for you. 

Compare With Other Products

iMini 3

The iMini 3 is another great option for anyone who loves consuming concentrate oils in 510 cartridges. In its design, it’s quite similar to the BeeKeeper. The cartridge is predominantly protected by the body of the unit, fighting against the glass cartridges breaking. It is compact, durable, and as portable, as you could wish for. 

Dr Dabber Ghost 

The Ghost is a traditional pen-style concentrate vaporizer by the legendary Dr Dabber. In design, it’s different from the BeeKeeper. While the BeeKeeper has a compact boxy design, the Ghost is tall and slim.

The Ghost is a concentrate vaporizer, however, unlike the BeeKeeper, it is not compatible with 510 cartridges. It features an atomizer to place your concentrate in order to vaporize it. While this may be a preference for some, it’s not as convenient as using 510 thread cartridges. It will simply allow you to experience a wider range of concentrates you can get your hands on. 

What Is In The Box

  • 1 x HoneyStick BeeKeeper 2.0 20W MOD Unit
  • 1 x Refillable Oil Vape Cartridge
  • 1 x 12mm Wide Magnetic Conceal Adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger

Tech Specs


510-Thread Oil Cartridges

Battery Capacity


Cartridge Connection



Height - 2.67 inches
Width - 1.1 inches

Temperature settings

One Setting - 3.9 volts


All HoneyStick products are covered by a 90-day warranty including a 30-day money-back guarantee. Each of their products is expertly crafted to provide a top-quality experience for all their users, bringing endurance and reliability to the table. 

Insider Tips 

Can You Adjust The Temperature On The HoneyStick BeeKeeper? 

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper is an incredible portable vaporizer in multiple ways. While for some this may be a drawback, it features just one temperature setting. Probably a feature that won’t appeal to the more experienced users out there, it makes it a perfect choice for beginners. All you’ll need to do is connect your cartridge and begin inhaling. It’s super simple! 

What Can You Use With The BeeKeeper? 

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper is a portable concentrate vaporizer compatible with any 510-thread cartridge on the market. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with raw concentrates due to its lack of atomizer and chamber. Oil cartridges provide an experience of pure ease and convenience as they require less cleaning and are quick to get started with. 

Is The HoneyStick BeeKeeper Portable? 

The HoneyStick BeeKeeper is just about as portable as they come. In fact, it’s one of the smallest and most compact 510-thread cartridges on the market today. It stands at just 2.67 inches tall and 1.1 inches wide. It will fit into the palm of your hand and any pocket with ease making it perfect for sessions on the go.

Honeystick Beekeeper

Honeystick Beekeeper