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Grav Labs 12 Inch Beaker Bong with Ice Pinch

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12 Inch Beaker Bong With Ice Pinch

The Beaker Bong with Fixed Downstem by Grav Labs is an easily recognized beaker shape, but better. With the fixed downstem, you have one less piece to worry about without sacrificing any diffusion for it. The ice catcher has been lowered, in order to work as a splash guard as well. Made in Austin, Texas from tough borosilicate glass.

Diffused Downstem

This piece features a diffused downstem that helps filter and cool your hits. It does this by breaking your smoke up into smaller bubbles as it passes through the water reservoir. The higher the number of the smaller bubbles the larger the surface area of the smoke the water can act upon, cooling it more efficiently.

Ice Catcher

The ice catcher in the neck of this bong allows you to drop ice cubes into the neck of the bong where they will be held. Whenever you take a hit the smoke will flow across the ice being cooled to Arctic levels of coolness.

Available In A Range of Colors

The striking Gravlabs Logo on the neck of this bong is available in a range of colors so you can choose whatever works best for you! The available colors are white, black, blue, red, and purple. Simply click on the drop down to choose the one that’s right for you!

Water Pipe Features:

  • Length Height: 12" 
  • Joint: 14mm Female 
  • Use With: Dry Herb
  • Comes With: 14mm Funnel Bowl 
  • Designed By: Stephan Peirce 

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - 12" Beaker with Colour Accents - 38mm
  • 1x - 14mm Funnel Bowl 
Grav Labs 12 Inch Beaker Bong with Ice Pinch

Grav Labs 12 Inch Beaker Bong with Ice Pinch

€119,99 €134,99