Top Upcoming Vaporizer for 2017

There are going to be many upcoming vaporizers out there in the marketplace in 2017. Most of these vaporizers in 2017 will come with huge reputations, but some will fail to live up to expectations, others will surpass all expectations.

One thing that we can be sure of in 2017 is that there will be a diverse array of vaporizers to choose from. Some will be portable, others will be desktops, and others will be for the garbage can.

Many vaporizers will offer excellent value for money, others will have your bank manager scratching his head wondering whether you have been the victim of some scam. For the newbie, vaping enthusiast trying to wade your way through this minefield of vapes can be an arduous task.

How can you pick the best vaporizer from such a vast array of options? Well, fear not, because that's where we come in. In this blog we have picked, what we feel, to be some of the best up and coming vaporizers of 2017.

And whilst much of this list will include vaporizers that you would have heard of in 2017 many on the list will not. After much discussion, we felt that it would do a great disservice not to mention the vaporizer powerhouses that are set to continue their domination of the vaporizing landscape this year.

Before you begin reading any further I feel duty-bound to mention that the list assembled below is exclusively for traditional portable vaporizers. The list is small and tidy and will contain some of the most legendary vaporizers ever assembled.



Firefly 2


The Firefly 2 vaporizer is one of them vaporizers that will leave users gobsmacked at its overall efficiency and productivity.

I originally was only supposed to test out the Firefly 2 for one day, but because the device was that good I came up with multiple excuses as to why I needed to keep it for the week.

The old Firefly did have certain issues with the battery life being short, but with the Firefly 2, these issues have well and truly been put to bed. The Firefly 2 is lighter, smaller, and has some of the most delicious tasting vapor that can be got anywhere in the world. 

One of the features I enjoyed about the Firefly 2 is that the machine charges at a very rapid pace.  This rapid fire charging mechanism ensures that your vaporizer is always ready for action. 

Another reason why the Firefly2 is an upcoming vaporizer for 2017 is that of the superb smartphone app which will allow you to change the temperature of the machine remotely.  And whilst the Firefly 2 is pretty expensive we definitely feel its worth it due to the vaporizers overall performance.





When it comes to outstanding vaporizers, the PAX3 by Pax Labs truly is in a class of its own. Whilst this vape is very expensive we feel its worth every penny.  The vaporizer itself is small and eminently portable, fitting conveniently fitting into your pocket for all occasions. 

The unit works by loading the oven with your herbs and then putting the lid over your herbs, and then all you have to do is give the top of the mouthpiece a gentle push and the vaporizer will be flying into action.  

The Pax comes equipped with 5 separate temperature settings which you can adjust to suit your own needs. One of the really great features of the Pax is the 5th temperature setting which allows you to change the temperature remotely via 1-degree increments.

The reason why this is such a great feature is that if you're a medical user it will allow you to key in the exact temp that your herbs need to be at. The smartphone app is also capable of implementing 4 other heating profiles such as: The Boost mode, Efficiency Mode, Stealth Mode, and Flavor Mode.

Whilst all of these modes are necessary to enjoying your herbs they do add an additional extra that you will be sure to be impressed by. The Pax3 isn't just a vaporizer to look out for in 2017, the Pax3 is the must-have vaporizer of 2017. 





The G Pen Elite is one of those pens that is set to continue their dominance of the vaporizer market in 2017. What Grenco Science has produced is a vaporizer that is leading the charge towards superior cutting edge vaporizers. In term of technological advances, the G Pen is a gigantic leap forward in terms of vaporizing excellence.

The G Pen is only 3 inches in length, and this is what makes the vaporizer very simple and easy to use.  The heating chamber can hold nearly 1gram of herbs inside the chamber and this ensures that your unit is ready for vaping at the click of a button.

The G Pen can heat up to 420 degrees in a matter second. The mouthpiece ensures that your vapors are never too hot and are at the perfect consistency. If there is one upcoming vaporizer in 2017 that is set to storm the market the G Pen Elite is that vaporizer.






After sampling the Haze V3 I decided that there was just no way that I wasn't going to include it in the list for 2017.

Not to include the Haze V3 would be to do the machine such a great injustice that it would be tantamount to a miscarriage of justice historic proportions.  The Haze is another vaporizer that could be classified as a high-end vaporizer, but with high end comes high quality, and this is what we achieve with the Haze. 

What makes the Haze unique is its multiple functionalities which allows you to vape concentrates, herbs, and e-liquids.  Most vaporizers out there are one trick pony's, but this most certainly isn't the case with the Haze V3. This unit not only allows you to vape multiple materials it allows you to vape them at the highest level of quality possible. 

In 2017, the Haze V3, is a vaporizer that not only you should keep an eye on, but a vaporizer that is a necessity for any self-respecting vaping enthusiast.





An upcoming vaporizer in 2017 that is more than worth mention is the Boundless CFX. This vaporizer is a brand new version of the Boundless CF and comes with a whole host of improvements. What makes the CFX stand out is its rapid heat up time which allows the machine to be heated up in less than 20 seconds. 

A temperature control system allows you to change the temperature to whatever level suits your own specifications. This vape comes with a very strong battery which facilitates marathon vaping sessions.  Whilst it is a conduction vaporizer the unit gives a vape that is of superior quality. If you're looking for a top vaporizer in 2017 the Boundless CFX is most definitely worth a look.


There are many outstanding upcoming vaporizers that will hit the market in 2017 and many of these new devices are set to raise the benchmark of vaporizing excellence. The Pax3 is one of the vapes that is surely set to raise the barometer of excellence to levels that previously would have been deemed unattainable.

The Pax2 was a tremendous machine, but somehow the Pax3 manages to eclipse even the Pax2's level of superlative excellence. And with the Boundless CFX, the Haze, the Firefly, and the G Pen Elite all set to continue their rise and domination of the vaping world, one thing is for sure, 2017 is going to be the year of vaporizing excellence.