Top 3 Portable Vaporizers 2017?


2017 has been a plentiful harvest for portable vaporizers. We've witnessed some of the most outstanding vapes ever to grace gods green earth.  Of course, new vapes are hitting the shelves on a daily basis, and whilst many of these devices are outstanding some have left users with egg on their faces.  What this blog will seek to do is to prevent people falling into the many bobby traps that populate the vaping marketplace. I want you to get your hands on the best vaporizers on the planet and this is why I've assembled a list of the top 3 portable vaporizers of 2017.


It's been a long and hard road  in trying to assemble this list. So far in 2017 I've sampled vaporizers  from all across the spectrum.  I've been the proverbial Guinea Pig testing out vaporizers far and wide. I've taken hits and felt low some very bad vaping experiences, and I've been on top of the world when I drew from some of the most delicious vapes you could imagine, but the big question is how did I pick the list?

There are a number of things that I gave a lot of weight to when picking my list and some of them are: Portability, reliability, and buzzes. And whilst all of these factors are important the one factor that stands our for me is whether I could get the buzz or not!  At the end of the day isn't that why we purchase vaporizers for- to get the buzz? If the buzz wasn't up to my satisfaction  I'd often get the vaporizer and throw it away in disgust! On one occasion I was so angered by the performance of a vape I took it out the back of the house and I attacked it with a hatchet. Believe me, this particular vape was a stain on humanity itself- it needed to be eliminated with full force!!

But in spite of the many bad days there have been some truly marvellous vaping moments. On occasion, the sun of the vaping world wasn't just shining down on me- it was beaming down on me with all its goodness. I've gotten buzzes that have been so delicious, so cleaner, and so incredible that I had to pinch myself to believe that it actually was happening. On occasion the dream had come true, that previously unassailable mountain had been conquered- that perfect buzz that we all want to achieve had been reached. It was bliss!!! Ok, enough about me, because now its time to get down to the nitty gritty! Now its time for me to give you the advice that may change your vaping career. Hold your breath and breath, because here is the list of the top 3 portable vaporizers of 2017.




The Crafty Vaporizer is a cutting-edge vaporizer that has the ability to transcend vaping itself. What makes the Crafty stand out is the remote controlled app that allows you to change your machine afar. No longer will users have to mess around with buttons on their vape they'll now be able to get everything sorted from a distance.  The machine comes equipped with a two-temperature selection setting- default and boost.  Both settings can be changed from any temperature ranging from 104 degrees to 410 degrees.  The Crafty utilizes both conduction and convection, and so, users will have the best from both worlds.  You won't be stuck with one vaporizing mechanism you'll be able to utilize the most elite the most cutting-edge vaping technology in the world. Whilst the Crafty isn't as concealable as other vapes, it still can easily fit into your pockets and so it shouldn't present many issues in this area.  Another handy feature is the micro USB charger which allows you to charge it wherever you are.



The Crafty is a very easy and convenient portable vaporizer to use. The machine is consistent and you'll never have to worry about packing and loading it. Just throw in whatever materials you're using and off the Crafty will go. But on a slight negative side, whilst the Crafty is very portable it isn't as portable as some of the other units out there, but like I've already said, this shouldn't present an issue. One of the main positives with the Crafty is the very consistent vapours that the vape produces. Unlike other vaporizers out there, where it can be like shooting in the dark when it comes to vapour quality, with the Crafty you'll know what you're going to get and that is real quality.




The Firefly 2 is one of the most prestigious portable vaporizers in the world. This machine utilizes convection technology to give users some of the most amazing vaping experiences imaginable. The Firefly comes with 5 different temperature settings for both dry herbs and concentrates. It also comes with two replaceable batteries which can come in very handy if you're running low on battery power.   What makes the Firefly 2 standout is its rapid heat up time and the unique tasting vapour that the machine produces. Each buzz you get from the Firefly has that instantaneous hit we all want to receive. Unlike other vaporizers, you won't end up being a bag of bones by the time its ready for action- this little baby will give you what you want and when you want.



What makes the Firefly 2 standout? Everything makes the Firefly 2 standout! The vapes portability, the design, the quality of the vapour, the efficiency all combine together to make this vaporizer a one of a kind.   Not only can the machine vape your dry herbs it also has the capacity to perform incredibly well with concentrates. The vapes that you'll receive will have that delicious tasting aroma that all vaporizers aspire to reach. Another huge plus in favour of the Firefly is that it only take a few moments to clean your device. I cant really say anything negative about the Firefly- it would be so unjust that it would be a crime to criticize this little beauty.





If there is a must have vaporizer for 2017 then the Pax 3 is that vaporizer.  This is a vape that is leading the charge not only in terms of vaporizing revolution, but in terms of a world revolution in vaping devices. Of course, the Pax 2 was an excellent product in its own right, but with the Pax 3 we have reached new heights altogether. This is a machine that can not only vape your herbs and concentrates to a superb quality, but can vape them at an altogether different level. Many devices out here are more renowned for their combustion issues but this isn't something you'll encounter with the Pax3. Everything about the Pax3 smells of performance and quality- from the 3500mah battery, rapid heat up time, Pax Vapour App, and elite temperature control system.



There are so many pros with the Pax3 that its difficult to know where to start. First of all, the design is what really does it for me. The brushed aluminum and polished finish adds a touch of class that you won't forget any time soon.   The elite app feature ensures that you'll be given a precision-guided vapour experience.  The rapid heat up time is a sight to behold and will leave you coming back for more and more.  The buzzes that the Pax3 dispenses will be smooth, consistent, and will be utterly delicious.  Cons? There are none, you can't criticize perfection. As far as portable vaporizers go the Pax 3 is an elite vaporizer that is out on its own.


Even though 2017 is in its infancy its a year that has hit us with a bang when it comes to political events and more.  It has been a remarkable year where Donald Trump has reigned supreme in the world of politics. The world it seems has been put on it head, and when it comes to vaporizers the world has also been put on its head too. But this time vaporizers have put the vaping world on its head in a good way- The Pax 3, the Crafty, and the Firefly 2 are leading a revolution in vaporizer technology. What we are witnessing is unparalleled in the vaping world with vaporizers dispensing hits of such magnitude that people can scarcely believe it.