Prepare For The Boundless CF and Boundless CFV Price Drop

Boundless, the company behind some fantastically affordable and very powerful portable vaporizers, including the Boundless CFX, have recently dropped the price on some of their most well known models. These models are the pocket friendly, cloud blowing monster, The Boundless CF and the delicious, convection heated Boundless CFV. The price drop on them is quite severe, making these products more accessible than ever, and if you’ve been following the Boundless news, you’d know why. Don’t worry though. We’re going to break all of this down for you.

The Boundless CF

The Boundless CF is the most standard and the flagship of the greater Boundless CF line of vaporizers, which are Boundless’ primary line of portable vapes. The Boundless CF, like its older brother, the CFX, are both hybrid models, meaning they combine both conduction and convection heat in order to make the best of both systems while each backing up their own weaknesses.

This vape is really sound in terms of quality. You get 5 preset temperatures with it, with the highest being 213C. The Boundless CF is a lot like the CFX in terms of quality of vapor, but whereas the CFX had full temperature control as well as a full read out through an LCD screen, the CF sacrifices that in order to make itself more portable. The build quality was build to last, with strong plastics making up its body and no obvious defects to speak off that should put off anybody thinking of buying one.

Boundless CF Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes

The Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV is the incredibly delicious, fully convection model with a surprising amount of features from Boundless. Straight away, like with all good fully convection models, through a small LCD screen on the body we have access to full temperature control. The range on this control is actually very impressive, even if the lower temperatures aren’t always going to be used because their too low to vape at. The range as it stands is between 60C and 230C so pretty standard high temperatures with a deep range into the lows.

The flavor on the Boundless CFV, as you’d expect any fully convection model with quartz in the chamber to be, is fantastic. Amazing, toasty notes that help you really appreciate the herb you’re using. Overall ease of use is great as well. The cap screws off very easily, revealing the bowl, and in terms of reaching the vapes many systems, the LCD screen and simple button system makes that exceptionally easy.

Boundless CFV Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes

Pricing Breakdown

Both of these vaporizers, the Boundless CF and the CFV, have just taken massive hits to their prices. The CF is lowered by about $20, bringing it to about $109.95, and the CFV, the fully convection model, has been lowered by around $50 to $149.95. As you can see, these are not small little chips off of the top of the price tag, but actually sweeping slashes to the price which makes it a lot easier for these models to be in your pocket. These don’t seem like temporary price drops either, for reasons we’ll get to in the next section, so if you’re mulling over your next vaporizer, don’t worry, you can take your time.

Reasons For The Price Drop

Boundless are lowering their prices more than likely for one very simple reason. Boundless are coming out with a whole new range of vaporizers. The models they’ve already released press releases for are a Boundless CFX 2.0, The Boundless Tera, which is a 100% convection portable model, as well as a new, elegant, self-contained desktop vaporizer. As of yet the desktop model is currently unnamed.

So, essentially, they’re making room on the market for their new models since they know these models are on their way out. It’s not uncommon and in fact Pax have recently done something similar to their Pax 3’s. There’s no point in keeping up their old models if their just about to be replaced. This is especially true in the case of the Boundless CFV as the new Boundless Tera will no doubt aim to be everything the Boundless CFV was, but better and more advanced. We’re not sure at this time if the other vapes in the CF line will be lowered in price. The Boundless CF, as one of their more popular models, has already been lowered quite a bit to the price that it is now and we’re not sure if they’ll be willing to go lower. Also, out of all of the new vaporizers they’ve announced, there doesn’t appear to be one that’ll right now challenge the Boundless CFC in terms of portability so, for now, we’ll have to assume that one will stay where it is.

Should You Buy?

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a good Boundless model. They offer quality build design with delicious and thick vapor. Are there better experiences out there? Maybe. Will you get them at such a fantastic price point for the quality you’d be getting? Honestly, it’s doubtable. The Boundless CF as well as the CFV both bridge quality and portable functionality. Despite a very low price point, these vapes have found the room to incorporate both ceramics and quartz within their chambers which delivers a great taste to an otherwise well-handled vapor. Both vapes also offer some degree of convection heat within their systems which is widely believed to be the best heat for getting the best flavor.