How To Use A Mighty Vaporizer

The ‘Mighty’ vaporizer is a battery portable vaporizer that is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, same producers of the famous and elegant volcano vaporizer and also the crafty portable. Its quickly becoming one of the most popular vaporizers in the USA. The mighty might look bulky and old fashioned to lots of vapers in the industry and this is not far from correct but Storz and Bickels deliberately made the mighty to come in such size to enable it to accommodate the double lithium ion battery incorporated into its design.

This might not be convincing to persons who care more about discretion in vapes. But if you do not care much of discretion of your device then the mighty is a wonderful vaporizer to possess because its reliability and efficiency is second to none as far as portable vaporizers are concerned. The mighty vaporizer has a solid feel when held in the hands and it is quite easy to use though many users do not think agree with this philosophy. I said the mighty is easy to use because there is no complicated menu or programming options in its build up. As we go further in this write up you will discover the ease of usage with the mighty vaporizer.

Mighty Vaporizer Namaste Vapes USA

Before igniting your materials in a mighty vaporizer, there ought to be some safety precautions you must observe some of which includes

  • The filling chamber is made of metal; do not touch it when it is hot. 
  • Do not operate the vaporizer close to flammable objects such as curtains, tablecloths, or paper 
  • Do not leave the vaporizer unattended while it is being operated. After use, switch off the heater. 
  • Never allow the vaporizer or the power adapter to be used by children or unqualified persons.

Once you get your mighty vape delivered, you unpack or unbox it to reveal the contents. Take off the vaporizer immediately and accessories afterwards. Now you check whether the vaporizer, the accessories, the power adapter and the device plug are all included in the delivery and are in good working order work but peradventure you noticed any defects, inform the seller or the delivery agent immediately and a replacement would be made. Ensure to discard the packing material or keep them out of reach of children.

Now that you have you device in your hands, the next stage is to undo or detach the cooling unit which is together with the mouth piece from the unit, thereby exposing the herb chamber. Filling the chamber completely with herbs follows next and this should be done properly and completely without having to compress the materials. The complete filling is due to the fact the hot air emanating from the heating chamber bypasses the vaporization material as in the case of a partial fill so that no vaporization can occur.

Mighty Vaporizer Namaste Vapes USA

Setting the temperature using the temperature adjustment button, the units begin to heat up your blends and in about 28 seconds. Note that the inhaling process can only begin once the vaporizer has reached the set temperature which can be noticed by a short double vibration.

To guarantee proper operation and pure flavor from the mighty, it is only paramount that one cleans his/ her unit on a regular basis. The best way to clean the mighty vaporizer unit is as follows

  • Ensure that the unit is turn off and cools for a minute or two so as to make dismantling of the mouth piece easy when it is filled with sticky resins. 
  • The mouth piece should be taken apart and the rubber seals should be detached before cleaning the mouthpiece.  The seals need not be soaked in isopropyl.
  • The section of the mouthpiece should be soaked in isopropyl alcohol for some minutes and subsequently scrubbed thoroughly using a brush. After the cleaning session, you dry every component and reassemble.
Mighty Vaporizer Namaste Vapes USA

From these usage techniques highlighted above, it is evident that the mighty vaporizer is very simple to operate, all you need is to follow the procedures judiciously.