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Dry Herb Vaporizer USA

Today we're going to be taking a closer look at dry herb specific Portable Vaporizers. Generally, the best and most popular vapes at the moment are the portable dry herb vaporizers. More and more people are choosing to vape whilst on the go, leading to the portability of vaporizers being of the utmost importance these days.

In this post we're going to be discussing some of the best dry herb portable vapes that are available at the moment. But before we get into that list, lets take a lil trip back to school, cos we about to educate ya'll on Vape efficiency and Convection Vs Conduction. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers - Efficiency 

Everyone likes to talk about vapor production, which of course is an important factor in considering your purchase, but another equally important factor is the efficiency of a vaporizer. When we talk about efficiency we're referring to how well a vaporizer extracts the medicinal ingredients from your material without reaching combustion temperature. We are commonly asked how you know when you're finished a session since your materials are not burning, what you see is a color change in the materials as they dry up once the vapor has been fully extracted.

The efficiency of the extraction is a critical part of the puzzle and some vaporizers are superior to others. When you dump out your chamber of materials you want to see an even coloring throughout. Poor vaporizers will leave sections of the material charred on the edges in the closest points to the heating element while the inner materials in the chamber may be left un-vaped.

Convection vs Conductions

Convection vaporizers are naturally more efficient in terms of material use versus conduction vaporizers. The reason for this is that with a convection based heating system, your materials are not constantly being heated. As we've discussed on several posts in the past, convection based vaporizers work by heating the air itself and not the material.

The air passing through the material extracts the vapor so as long as you're not drawing from the unit, no vapor will be produced. The one down-side of this heating method is that the speed of your draw may affect vapor production.

Vaporizer efficiency is even more important when considering a conduction based vaporizer. These units create vapor by heating your materials in a chamber where the materials are in direct contact with a heating element. Its very important that the materials near the heating source don't reach combustion temperatures.

Conduction vaporizers tend to produce a thicker and more robust vapor in comparison with convection based units where the vapor might be a little bit lighter.

One downside of conduction vaporizers is that in order for them to work optimally, the chamber must be fully packed. So conduction based vaporizers with larger chambers mean that you will use more material over time and longer sessions. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers USA | The Selection

The Mighty

Mighty Portable Dry Herb VaporizersStorming right to the top of our list, is one of our favorite Vapes to use, the Mighty. Brought to us by Storz&Bickel, the same manufacturers that brought us the classic Volcano and the Plenty, they really have made a statement to the rest of the portable vaporizer market. The Mighty is an incredibly powerful handheld Vape, producing vapor that is on par with most desktop vaporizers. We can't stress enough just how much we adore the Mighty. From us to you, the Mighty will not let you down!


Dont fancy the Mighty Vaporizer? How about it's little brother, the Crafty Vaporizer?

Magic Flight Launch Box

Dry Herb Vaporizers CanadaKnown by many names, recognized by everyone. The MFLB is a unique piece when compared to the rest of the portable Vapes on this list, as it is made entirely from wood. The Magic Flight Launch Box really has stood the test of time, some consider it to be the OG on the Vape scene, it's like a fine wine, aging perfectly.

We can't tell you anything that hasn't already been said regarding this classic vape, however, if it's portability/discreetness that is your biggest concern when purchasing a vape, the MFLB is for you!

Pax 2

Pax 2 Dry Herb Vaporizers Canada The iPhone of Vaporizers. Vape of the Year 2016.

An essential for all true vapists out there. These are but some of the things that have been wrote with regards to the Pax 2 Vaporizer.

A significant upgrade on the extremely popular original, the Pax 2 has blown away the competition and has established itself as a big time player. 'It can't be that good?' I hear you scream, well...yes, yes it is. Vapor Quality?

The Pax 2 produces some of the purest and tastiest Vapor available. Portability? The Pax 2 is designed to sit into the palm of your hand nice and snugly, whilst also small enough to slip into your pocket at any time. Overall, we'll just say that the Pax 2 is the most popular portable Vape for a reason. 

Haze V3 "Haze V3 is discontinued model, new model is Haze Square"

The Haze V3 vaporizer is very innovative in that it has two separate bowls; one for your herbs and another for your thick concentrates (dabs!) or e-liquid. Never again will you have to choose, the Haze has got all of your options covered! The Haze is the first handheld vaporizer with the dual capability to Haze V3 Portable Vaporizers Canada vape herbs and dabs/e-liquids at the same time. We absolutely love the Haze V3, a seriously impressive upgrade from the original, but the one fact that we appreciate the most is it's discreet design.
Similar in shape to a hipflask, the Haze V3 slides into your pocket or hand prudently and with ease. Nothing on this list tickle your fancy? Didn't spot that one Vape you're holding out to fall in love with? Sit back. Inhale. Exhale. Good, now follow us over here as we look at our complete range of Portable Vaporizers. 

And remember folks, Keep Calm...Vape On!