DaVinci MIQRO Vs DaVinci IQ - What Has Changed?

 At first glance, the MIQRO looks just like the IQ.... only micro. 

Major Changes between DaVinci MIQRO Vs DaVinci IQ

Both vapes are constructed out of anodized aluminum, for a sturdy and stylish exterior, with zirconium ceramic vapor paths for optimum vapor temperature and flavor. Both models also have glass-lined ceramic oven chambers which are highly efficient at conducting heat, for smooth, evenly heated draws.

Considering all the similarities between the two models, what exactly has changed? Let’s take a look at what DaVinci have upgraded with the MIQRO and what (if any) sacrifices were made to fit their high-quality engineering into such a small package.

Size and Weight

The most noticeable change between the MIQRO and its predecessor the brilliant Davinci IQ, is its size. The newest DaVinci offering is MIQRO by name, micro by nature – and it’s 33% smaller than the original Davinci IQ. The MIQRO measures in at 1.34″ W x 3.13″ H x 0.91″ D, while the IQ is substantially larger at 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D. While the IQ weighs in at 5oz, the MIQRO is a fraction of that weight at roughly 3.5 oz.

The IQ is still an easily portable vape and can comfortably fit into a small pocket – the MIQRO just goes one step further as a sleeker, smaller model.  

Heat-up Time

With so many upgrades in the MIQRO, something had to give, and DaVinci went with heat up time. Ironically enough, although the MIQRO is a much smaller device, it takes over twice the length of time as the IQ to heat up. While the heat up time of the original IQ was a mere 16 seconds, the MIQRO takes between 30-60 seconds to get to optimum temperature, depending on how charged your battery is.

This longer heat-up time doesn’t do much for its stealth points – so good thing it’s so tiny that people may not even notice you have it in your hand.

Charging Time & Battery Capacity

Despite taking considerably longer to heat up, one excellent improvement with the MIQRO is that it’s much faster to charge than the IQ. Twice as fast, as a matter of fact – the IQ takes three hours to reach full battery capacity, while the MIQRO only takes 1.5-2 hours tops. This is most likely due to the MIQRO’s much smaller size and diminished digital features in comparison to the IQ, so there is a trade-off here.

The MIQRO is powered by small 18350 batteries, which only last 30-40 minutes per battery (your MIQRO will come with two, so if you take them both out fully charged, you’ll get at least an hour of continuous use). Depending on the length of your sessions, the average user will probably get around 5-6 sessions lasting five minutes per battery. The IQ on the other hand is powered by a rechargeable 3500mAh 18650 battery, which can last between 80 to 120 minutes, depending on the length of your sessions.

Digital Features & Extras

As well as downsizing in physicality, DaVinci have also downsized the digital features compatible with the MIQRO. 

With the IQ, DaVinci included 51 LEDs to allow users to precisely control their temperature setting, as well as offering users the Smart Paths option on the Bluetooth app. While the MIQRO also includes great temperature control, it’s not as thorough as the IQ which allows you to modify your temperature through the app.

The MIQRO also does not have the additional flavor chamber that the IQ has, which you can pack with different dried product for a more complex (and subtle) flavor profile or leave empty to work as an extended cooling path for your vapor. 

While the IQ comes with a 10-year warranty, the MIQRO currently only has a 5-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

Considering all the upgrades and downgrades between the IQ and the MIQRO, they are both still two amazing portable vaporizers.

If you’re a more frequent user, maybe consider looking to the IQ. Although it’s twice the price, in the long run it really is a better investment for someone who’s a much more regular vaper (the MIQRO isn’t exactly compatible for all day, every day use). Just as you wouldn’t use an iPhone when you need a MacBook, you can take the same approach to choosing between the MIQRO and IQ.

The MIQRO is best suited for someone looking for a highly portable, discreet device for enjoying at concerts, and quick trips or nights out. It’s also a great choice for vapers on a budget who don’t want to scrimp on great vapor quality. 

DaVinci have taken the best elements of their wildly popular IQ vape, and have come out with the world’s smallest portable vaporizer, the MIQRO.