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Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's blog post where we're going to be talking about the best vapes to buy in the US for dry herbs. As we know some vapes work for dry herbs, some for waxes/oils and others for liquids. So today we're just going to focus on the most popular category of vaporizers and that is for use with dry herbs!
From famous vaporizer brands like Storz & Bickel (Crafty Vaporizer, Mighty, Volcano), Pax and Firefly through to less known gems like the Boundless CFX vaporizer and the Grizzly Guru, we're going to tackle all the best portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers on the market today.Weed vaporizer

Desktop Vaporizers - Volcano Vape Rules the Roost

Volcano Vaporizer So lets start old school and talk a little about desktop vaporizers, which were around way before any portables. Desktop vaporizers versus portable vaporizers require power through an electrical outlet instead of battery charging. The most famous desktop vaporizer, and you probably already know this, is the Volcano by Storz & Bickel. 

The Volcano, in my opinion, builds the foundation for vaporizers and vaporizing technology. The Volcano comes in several flavors, the Classic Volcano and the Volcano Digit. Both of these utilize the same heating mechanisms and technology, but the Volcano Digit will let you get more precise temperature controls.

Actually, all desktop vaporizers, for the most part, are forced air vaporizers. This can also be referred to as convection heating by which hot air extracts vapor versus herbs being cooked in an oven (conduction heating) more common in Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer.

So some desktop vaporizer uses bags or balloons to dispense your vapor. There are also whip-style vaporizers, like the Silver Surfer by 7th Floor by which you inhale through a silicone tube (whip) with a mouthpiece instead of through a balloon or bag. Both methods are equally as effective, but which one is right for you is really a matter of preference. There are also Desktop vaporizers which offer both bag/balloon fill modes and also whip modes, the most popular being the Arizer Extreme Q, or the Vaporize Ultimate 2.0 vaporizer.Volcano Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers tend to be very effective and reliable in terms of producing good quality, thick and potent vapor. To date, the most popular desktops on our sites are the Volcano (top of the line, most expensive) and the Extreme Q (versatile with the best value).

Oh, one really important thing I almost missed! When buying a desktop vaporizer in the US it is critical that you get the right voltage! Unlike most portable dry herb vaporizers, which are generally USB charged, desktop vaporizers plug into the wall and need to have the right EU voltage.

Thankfully, when purchasing from our site, we take care of that for you! Some desktop vapes like the Volcano or the Silver Surfer come in one voltage or the other, either 110V or 220V. Others like the Extreme Q are actually dual voltage units so they can handle either 110V or 220V but are simply provided with the appropriate plug. That's it for my rant on desktop vaporizers, I hope you get the idea! Let's talk a little about the more popular of trends in the US towards Portable Dry Herb vaporizers.

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

So this is a wide topic to discuss about! Similar to desktops, I would break down portable dry herb vaporizers into two categories, conduction and convection portable vapes.
portable vapes

Again some will be a mixture of the two.

We touched on what convection heating is and to reiterate this, convection vaporizer work by hot air being drawn (or forced) through your material, which extracts vapor. Conduction vaporizers work with herbs being heated directly in an 'oven' where they are in direct contact with the heating element.

In general, convection vaporizers will be substantially more efficient than conduction.

The most popular, pure-convection portable vaporizer in the US is the Firefly 2 vaporizer, which is full convection and features a smart-phone application for fine-tuning. The most popular conduction vaporizer, and also the most popular vaporizer in the history of portable vaporizers would be the Pax 2.

Pax 2 sales massively outpace that of other portable vaporizers.

The Pax 2 is beautiful, portable, discreet and very simple to use. We've been really excited to see the launch of the Pax 3 as well, which is now compatible with waxes and oils and features longer battery life and faster heat-up times. Although there's been a lot of talk about convection vaporizers being the most efficient and most flavorful, conduction vaporizers like the Pax 3 or the Da Vinci IQ is still a dominant force in the industry in terms of technology and performance.
Portable Vaporizers

Good opportunity here to expand a little on the wildly anticipated DaVinci IQ Vaporizer which is the latest vaporizer from Organicix, makers of the Da Vinci Vaporizer and the Da Vinci Ascent.

The IQ is a groundbreaking conduction vaporizer that features a ceramic heating chamber with a zirconium vapor pathway and also has a smartphone app with endless possibilities to customize your vaporization experience. The Pax 3 and the IQ are pure conduction vaporizers that feature stainless steel (Pax 3) and Ceramic (IQ) heating chambers.

Conduction Vs Convection - Whats the best for Portable Vapes?

Boundless CFX Vaporizer perhaps the best portable dry herb vaporizers are those with feature both conduction and convection heating! This is not meant in an ambiguous way like some people say the Da Vinci or other conduction vaporizers are 'hybrid' but what I'm talking about are vaporizers that actually have a heating chamber and also a heating element which draws in fresh air and pre-heats before entering the dry herb chamber.

The most notable example here would be the Mighty vaporizer, also made by Storz & Bickel, AKA baby volcano! The Mighty, in my opinion, remains as the best quality and best performing dry herb vaporizer on the market today, even though its several years old and the fact that there have been many others released since.
The Mighty vaporizer is both efficient like a convection vaporizer, but also offer the robustness, flavor and vapor density of a conduction vaporizer.

I've probably tried every dry herb vaporizer that exists on the market, but nothing really compares quite to the Mighty. There is, however, a vaporizer which performs nearly at the same level but is literally half the prices. The Boundless CFX vaporizer, from Boundless technologies, even looks similar to the Mighty vaporizer but features a beautiful high res OLED display with USB and DC charging for half the prices of a Mighty and performs very well!

The best Desktop Vaporizer?

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer When it comes to Desktop vaporizers personally I would put the Volcano and the Arizer Extreme Q at the top of my list, but for different reasons. The Volcano is unbeatable in performance and quality and actually made in Germany. The Arizer Extreme Q offers the most versatility possible from a desktop vaporizer featuring balloon fill, whip mode as well digital control, remote controls and a huge array of accessories compatible, all at a very good price.

In the world of Portable vapes, the Firefly 2, Pax 3 and the Davinci IQ are the dominant names in the industry but have some stiff competition with more affordable, high-performance vaporizers like the Boundless CFX or the Grizzly Guru. When buying a portable dry herb vape in the US consider whether you want conduction or convection heating, and then how much you care about discreetness.

The Mighty vaporizer is probably 3 times the size of a Pax 3 so not quite as stealthy on the go or in public but will out-perform any other dry herb vape with no issue. Hope you guys found this informative and if you have any questions please reach out!