5 Portable Vapes That Are Pocket Vaporizers

The reviews of Pocket Vaporizers on this page are carried out by trained experts who have spent years in the field testing the finest Pocket Vaporizers in the world and all for your pleasure. We pride ourselves in being connoisseurs of the vape smoking world. 


Pocket Vaporizers

One of our experts was so dedicated to sampling the Firefly 2 that he locked himself in his house for two weeks, cut himself off from society, and smoked the Firefly morning, noon, and night, and after his two weeks self-induced exile he emerged from his hole and triumphantly declared that the Firefly was a fantastic smoke. Our expert was adamant that the smoke that he'd had the pleasure of receiving was up there with some of the best he'd gotten anywhere, and whilst we doubt that he really needed the full two weeks to confirm the Firefly's excellence we feel we'll let him off on this occasion.

The Firefly 2 compared to the original device is an improvement in every way- its lighter, has more battery, and it charges incredibly quick. The product also comes readily supplied with 2 extra battery's that ensures that you'll always have a battery fit and ready to pop in.  Another sublime feature of the Firefly is the new App feature which allows you to change the temperature to whatever level you need. The Firefly 2 is also incredibly efficient in that it enables you to insert a minimum amount of herbs but resulting in the maximum productivity from these herbs. 

The product is pricey, but the overall package is value for money when you take into consideration how the Firefly performs compared to some of its more esteemed rivals. The firefly can also perform admirably well with concentrates and dry herbs.  

Overall, we have to say that we that the Firefly 2 is an outstanding product that produces an outstanding high that surpasses anything out there in the marketplace.

Our expert even had the audacity to request another two week trial period for testing the vape and whilst we admire his nerve we feel that it wouldn't take 2 weeks to find out that the Firefly is a superb product but would take 2 minutes.


Pocket Vaporizers

Just like another well known G Spot, The G Pen Elite Vaporizer will have you roaring and screaming in orgasmic ecstasy. This is a beautiful little product which has a tendency to forcefully hit the right spot again, and again, and again. The G Pen Elite comes fully equipped with a portable convection vaporizer, which features a superb LED display which shows temperature, battery life, and a heating chamber.

The G Pen also features the largest ceramic chamber to be found anywhere in the Pocket Vaporizer smoking world. The convection chamber ensures that your smoke is delivered in an efficient manner.

The product is packed a superb water bottle box that will live long in the memory. The G Pen also comes equipped with a whole host of other accessories such as the sublime chamber tool and the G Card. Make no mistake about it, this is one of the most intelligent Pocket Vaporizers in particular because of the smart chip technology that acts to make your vaping experience superior to the norm. The LCD screen is designed in a way where you can easily find out the current temperature, and it will also let you adjust to suit your needs.

Additionally, the product allows you to change the temperature and experiment with different flavors until you find the flavor and consistency that you need. The machine itself is powered by a lithium-ion battery that ensures a longer and more stable smoke that you can rely on

It really is a very simple product to use- all you have to do to get the pen working is: charge the battery, place herbs into the chamber, and then turn the power button on and you're ready for a smoke that will be straight from the heavens. The G Pen gives you a professional vaping experience without sacrificing any of the homely feel.


Pocket Vaporizers

The V2 Vaporizer is a sensational vaporizer that has the power to take your vaping career to the next level. The guarantee you'll receive when you purchase a V2 is the guarantee of a world-class vape, a world-class smoke, and a world-class high. As Pocket Vaporizers go the V2 is like a priceless gemstone quarried from the center of the earth's crust.

An extremely versatile device that allows you to vape in all weather and all terrains which facilitate the use of a whole host of products such as dry herb, oils, and waxes, and with the same level of productivity for each.  Don't be fooled by the small size of this device as this little baby packs a serious punch.  They say that the first rule in battle is to never underestimate your enemy and this is certainly the case when it comes to the V2.

The device comes equipped with a 1800mah battery that enables the product to work for hours of non-stop vaping nirvana. The v2 has such strength and longevity that it would be capable of 24/7 vaping if you so wished. The mouthpiece seems to fit perfectly into your mouth allowing a smoke that is flavorsome, wholesome, and consistent. The 3 in 1 capability of the product makes it a game changer amongst the vaping world.

If Pocket Vaporizers had a university ranking system for vaping then the V2 would be ranked as a first class honors degree vape. The V2 is the gold standard when it comes to vaping excellence. The product comes packed with power, charisma, and it will be sure to surpass your expectations. 


Pocket Vaporizers

The Prima isn't like your normal standard vape, the Prima takes your vaping experience to a whole new level. One of our experts told an extraordinary tale about how he began a passionate affair with his Prima Vaporizer, so much so, that he kicked his wife out of the bed and instead carefully placed his Prima on the pillow beside him at night, and began passionately kissing the vaporizer goodnight. At one stage he even spoke about how he was tempted to divorce his wife and then take his Prima up the aisle. Whilst, of course, this is an extreme example of how your Prima can influence you it is an example of the power and brilliance of the product.

The product is designed and engineered by some of the finest craftsmen ever to set foot on planet earth with the vape coming in various colors ranging from red, black, and white. Four mouthpieces are included, and four mesh parts are included, and a cleaning brush is also packaged ready for your easy use. The heating process in the Prima ensures an incredibly smooth smoke with the vape reaching temperatures as high as 300-435 degrees which ensures that your herbs reach you with the smoothest consistency imaginable.

Unlike some vapes, The Prima works equally well with both dry herbs and oils and the vape also comes supplied with over 135 different settings that you can change to suit whatever your needs may be. Whatever your hearts desire, the Prima will be there for you. The product also comes with a whole range of handy accessories to ensure that you're prepared in case of vaping emergency.  You'll also have the pleasure of receiving a USB adapter which is included in the package.
The vape that you'll enjoy will be a thing of natural beauty, A smoke that will be as sublime as life itself. Make no mistake about it, The Prima Vaporizer is like a piece of divine intervention straight from heaven itself.


Pocket Vaporizers

If you want to buy yourself an underrated vape then this is the vaporizer for you. This vape will be sure to astonish you with its overall package, the Haze V3  truly is an unexpected treasure to be picked from a sea of rubble.

One of the outstanding features about the Haze V3 Vaporizer is that it is capable of vaping nearly all materials with equal efficiency including dry herbs, all concentrates, and liquids. The smoke you'll enjoy will be one of great flavor and potency. The piece also comes equipped with a backup battery that ensures that you'll never lose a single second of vaping.

The heating system is a revolutionary and ground-breaking piece of equipment that allows you to vaporize all your herbs, oils, waxes, or whatever you may choose. The glass mouthpiece acts to secure the taste of the vapor and ensure smooth and consistent smoke. 

The vaporizer works rapidly and can reach maximum temperature in nearly 60 seconds. The way the device is set up acts to ensure that your materials are vaporized at the correct temperature and that combustion is avoided.

The vaporizer comes in a whole host of colors that are sure to fit your needs colors ranging from stealth black, graphite, midnight, absinthe, and orchid. A truly underrated vaporizer that is set to explode from the pack and onto the vaping scene.